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Juli Anna McNutt and Kara Mulvihill founded Lark Environmental in 2018, wanting to provide cost-effective and efficient solutions to clients while making a difference.

Lark Environmental is a woman-owned, small business founded on expertise, quality, collaboration, and dedication.

Juli Anna and Kara have long worked together on complex programmatic National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) projects. They met while they were both employed by international architecture and engineering firms in Denver, Colorado. From there, they transferred to a Wyoming-based engineering firm to help build a NEPA team while also expanding their planning expertise.

Seeking a smaller company and the opportunity for new challenges and growth, in 2018 they began working as affiliates of Hidden Water, Inc., and C&C Environmental, two 100% Native American-owned small businesses.

Today, Lark combines environmental expertise and passion for quality service to develop the plans, reports, processes, and permitting documents that our clients need to successfully complete their project.

Lark believes that natural resource planning has a lasting effect that reaches beyond local communities. We strive to produce documents that will lead to the sustainable management of natural resources as well as plans that truly reflect the needs and wishes of the local people and communities.

core values

Leading the way in environmental services and resource management. Lark has completed NEPA reviews for natural resource plans, infrastructure projects (e.g., schools, daycares, housing, roads, dams, and powerlines), agricultural activities, buffalo restoration, energy development (e.g., oil and gas, pipelines, mining, right-of-way leasing and permitting, and liquid natural gas [LNG] terminals), and alternative energy development. We are experts at completing these reviews within expedited schedules, while successfully coordinating and collaborating with all stakeholders, including landowners, and local, state, tribal, and federal agencies.


Connecting you with sustainable, effective resources for a better environment. We believe in the responsible stewardship of our lands, which is why we take great pride in the environmental services our team provides to ensure that our clients are planning for tomorrow in a sustainable and science-based way.


Working together to meet your goals. At Lark, we develop an understanding of each client’s end goal. To help them reach that goal, we create resource management plans that serve as blueprints to ensure the successful long-term management of everything from rangelands and forests to noxious weeds.  


Your authority on environmental services and resource planning. Our team has both the experience and know-how to efficiently understand, plan for, and manage potential vegetation and fish and wildlife issues. This allows us to develop rapid, effective, and practical solutions for our clients that will ensure the project ends up completed and all environmental regulations are followed.

Juli Anna McNutt

Juli Anna McNutt, a co-founder of Lark Environmental, specializes in supporting the private and government sector with expertise in wildlife ecology, program management, and NEPA. She earned a B.S. in Wildlife & Fisheries Sciences from Texas A&M University and an M.S. in Environmental Biology from the University of Houston. Juli Anna is a clear communicator with the ability to relate to different audiences regarding sensitive issues, efficiently understand potential issues and develop rapid, effective, and practical solutions.


Kara Mulvihill, a co-founder of Lark Environmental, is an environmental planner with extensive experience in NEPA compliance and land use planning. She earned a B.S. in Public Administration with a major in Environmental Management from Indiana University, and a Master of Urban and Regional Planning (MURP) with a concentration in Land Use and Environmental Planning from the University of Colorado.